Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan
Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan

Episode 88 · 2 months ago

Reflection and Peace


Take time to reflect and invite peace into you day. Join us in cultivating inner peace to last the whole day, even when dealing with difficult people. Find the meditation workbook pages and therapy tools to support positive and peaceful moments at -

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Welcome to the mindfulness moment from creative recovery at river church in Lakewood, Colorado. Rest your mind, body and heart. Allow yourself to be present. If you are distracted, gently bring yourself back to my voice and allow this time to be your healing space. I am Angie and I'm grateful that you are joining me. We took the month of August off and it is great to be back. I am moving a little bit slow, but I am getting back on track. Our monthly theme for September is reflection and our weekly word is peace. I share with you from our meeting day or an overview from first timothy to one through seven. So these are not the actual scriptures. These are just a description written by Nicole Oliver Snyder, who writes the meditations for our creative recovery workbook. Timothy's mentor, Paul, writes to encore...

Ridge Timothy to pray for everyone and give thanks for everyone so all can know peace and dignity. God wants everyone to know God and Jesus shows us that we can, and Paul is committed to tell as many people as possible. As we moved through our meditations, consider what reflection and what peace mean to you. During our meeting, we discussed who the people are in your life that you are grateful for, and we encouraged and actually prayed for the people that we listed. Consider who are the ones that are difficult or even unkind to you? Hold them out loosely to God, the spirit who intercedes when we haven't the words, and even in this moment, put your hands out,... your palms, palms facing up, and just take a moment to breathe slowly and release, letting go of even those who are unkind to you, giving them to God. When you want to take that back again, put your hands out, turn your palms so that your palms are facing upward and open. Can just notice the shift in your body as you try to and give it to God. And consider how does praying for everyone, including those difficult to pray for, produce peace or not? Your experiences your experience. Now the meditations for September, and this is from first timothy to one...

...through two. First of all, then, I urge the supplications, prayers, Inter sessions and thanksgivings be made for everyone, for kings and all who are in high positions, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and dignity. Nicole writes and shares in her meditations a quote, and I'm not going to pronounce US right, but Rabbia Albastrie B A S R I, I look everywhere for your love, then suddenly I am filled with it. I look everywhere for your love, then suddenly I am filled with it. Their invitation to Peace Center with this. My heart resists. Altruism, benevolent, odd when it is wounded. Still I look for..., even their love is found embracing peace. I look for the divine, and there is love. Put your feet firmly on the ground. Allow your breath to soften. As you breathe in, consider the words. I don't know how to feel, and as you exhale, but I know it'll look like dignity. Breathe in, I don't know how to feel. Breathe out, but I know it'll look like dignity. That is your invitation to peace. M Her reflection questions. Is it difficult to consider the well being of someone you do not respect or who has her are you what makes it...

...hard or not? Take a moment and put your feet firmly on the floor. Notice the seat beneath you, allow your shoulders to soften, wiggle your toes. These are big questions to consider. How can they support you today? How can they shift the way that you're thinking to maybe help you feel a little differently about something or someone? Next question. How do hard relationships interfere with peace, your own and that of the community? What community are you in today, or have been in, where that question just goes yeah,...

I've been there. How can you bring enter peace? And these scriptures talk about it, telling us how to prayer, how to pray gratitude, the thankfulness and praying for those, even the difficult ones, can bring us interer peace. As we wrap up today's meditation, finish the sentence. I give thanks for and I pray for h thank you so much for joining me today. I want you to take a deep breath in through your nose when you are ready, exhale, slow and control and just sit in this space without judgment, honoring both the difficult and they not so difficult people in your..., and then release it. Put Your hands out, open your palms, palms up towards the sky and imagine that you're giving that troubles, the worry, the frustration. I'm not saying it will be easy. Lift that up and give that to God and, in a prayer, let it go. I hope you have a beautiful day and thank you for being patient as I work my way back to getting these on a consistent weekly basis. M M M M M M M M M M B B A B M M...

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