Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan
Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan

Episode 90 · 2 months ago

Invite Compassion into this day


Invite Compassion and healing into your day. Invite reflection, healing and compassion into this day. Find the meditation workbook pages and therapy tools to support positive and peaceful moments at -

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Welcome to the mind from this moment from Creative Recovery at River Church in Lakewood, Colorado. Rest your mind, body, and heart. Allow yourself to be present. If you are distracted, gently bring yourself back to my voice and allow this time to be your healing space. I'm Angie, and I am grateful that you are joining me today. Today I'm sharing with you for the meditations for September nine, and before I begin those, I want to share the overview from Psalm one seven that is in the Creative Recovery Meditation workbook. The overview and the meditations are written by Nicole Oliver Snyder. For Psalm one seven, this is a reflection upon our monthly theme reflection and our weekly word compassion. The people of Israel, dispossessed, forced to live in a...

...foreign country whose residents exploit Israel's culture and appropriate Israel's sacred songs, meet at the River Babylon and weep. Exhausted from being expected to appear happy about being taken advantage of and losing their identity. They gather as a community by some water and remember they have compassion on themselves and are strengthened in their faith because of it. Take a moment, put your feet upon the floor, Feel the solid surface beneath you. Notice your sound surroundings. Are their sounds? Are there animals in the room with you? Are their plants? What do you notice? And as we go through the meditations for this week, keep... mind this idea of reflection and compassion. How have you experienced compassion? When is it difficult to show compassion? And who might be some people that you overlook in our community that might be need what might be needing some compassion? The meditations for September twenty nine, and I'm reading from Psalms one and two by the rivers of Babylon. There we sat down, and there we wept when we remembered Zion on the willows. There we hung up our harps. There's a quote from Audrey Lord caring for myself as not self indulgence. It is self preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. Your invitation today, tomorrow and the rest of the week is for compassion. Center...

...with put your feet firmly on the ground, feel a solid surface, Take a deep breath in and acknowledge, God of green pastures you create. Rest Pretending will not save me. Rest delivers me. Hold these words, breathe them into your core, Hold them, reflect upon them, and compassionately invite them into your being for yourself and to potentially share with others. Breathe then I can pause from giving and breathe out. I will not be owned. A reflection questions are do you feel like you have to pretend to be some...

...thing you are not? If yes, what does that look like as you go about your day or you want to write in your journal? Reflect upon these questions? Also, how does acting like everything is okay when things are not affect your body and your overall health? Consider no judgment, but compassionately sit with that. What is the barrier to allowing to acknowledge our own pain, our own suffering, and seeking support in a healthy and constructive way. And as you go about your day, m consider this next statement and how you will finish it. I will protest the coal or of not God by...

...caring for myself in this way? What are those ways where you will care for yourself? Inviting in compassion? Sitting in compassion, Take a deep breath in welcome this compassion into your body, into your being. You are worthy and deserving. Allow this moment of breast to bring healing, comfort and peace. Thank you so much for joining me today. May you have a beautiful day and remember it is okay to be compassionate towards yourself. H m m...

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