Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan
Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan

Episode 70 · 6 months ago

Inclusion & Connection


Consider Inclusion and the healing power of Connection. In a world where so many are isolated and hurting, feelng that connection to God can help us feel connected to others. Creative Recovery365 is about creating a safe place without judgment or condemnation. We are not there to be fixed, we are there to share, encourage, and learn tools to create balance in our life and lean into the strength of God. Join our public Facebook "Creative Recovery365" page under River Church in Lakewood, CO - and see the meditation workbook pages and therapy tools to support positive and peaceful moments.

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Welcome to the daily mindful podcast brought to you by creative recovery at river church in Lakewood, Colorado. In this moment, rest your mind, body and heart. Allow yourself to slow down and be present. If you are distracted, gently bring yourself back to my voice and allow this time to be your healing space. I'm Angie and I'm grateful that you are joining me. I'm sharing with you today from July second and third meditation work books for the Creative Recovery Program our monthly theme for July is inclusion. Our weekly Word is connection. Before I share with you from Galatian 6:2 - take a moment...

...and put one hand on your chest and the other hand on your belly. Allow your body to soften and settle and notice this space. If you feel tension, just notice it, don't judge. Bring your attention to your feet as you press them into the floor, the ground, and when you take a deep breath in, I want you to feel the hand on your belly rise and then slowly exhale, feeling your tension release again, take a deep breath in, let your hand rise on your belly and when you are ready, I exhale slow and control and let your breath soften and just be in...

...this moment. Notice a few sounds around you, or if you're just listening to this podcast and you hear the music in the background. Just notice being in this moment. The Meditation workbook pages are written by Nicole Oliver Snyder and she writes the Law of Moses and the prophets is summed up in this. Love God with everything and love everyone else without exclusions. The Law of Christ tells us what that looks like. Be there for each other without exclusions." I'm sharing from Galatian 6:2 - "bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. You are invited to...

...connect, your invitation to Connection Center. With this. "You are perfect connection. God. All are connected by you. My source of love and goodness never dries up. My participation in it strengthens the bond for others and my intention remain connected in and with the source." And the source is God always. God, you are my strength, you are my bond for others. Breathe in, I'm connected. Breathe out to the source of everything. Reflection questions. Often it is too easy to be overwhelmed by your own issues or pain and forget that the was around us are also struggling. What is overwhelming you...

...right now? If you haven't closed your eyes, let yet allow yourself to close your eyes soft or soften your gaze and just sit and know that God knows and you are not alone. And who can you share this with? Next question. What tends to keep you from making a connection with someone in this world where so many pains and hurts exist? It's the fear of being hurt. For others it's something else. Don't judge it, just be curious and understand. One of the goals of our group is still allow you a place to connect in a safe way. Talking about ways... build respect in community. Not Judge. We still have guidelines, but not rigid rules that make everyone feel like I can't do this. Our group was founded on not fixing each other. It's founded on getting to know what's underneath the pain, what's underneath the mask, and connection is healing and healing from substance abuse, from trauma, from anxiety, from depression. We need other people to heal. Now set your intention today. My intention to be inclusive and my connection with God, the source of everything. Today is and finish that sentence. Thank you so much for joining me... and as you go about your day, if you have a hard time connecting with people, notice what do you feel connected to and where do you feel a barrier in connecting to something or someone? Have a beautiful day. .

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