Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan
Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan

Episode 95 · 3 months ago

I am Strong


Invite Self-Awareness and be inspired. Breathe in “I am Strong” and allow yourself to trust yourself. Find the meditation workbook pages and therapy tools to support positive and peaceful moments at -

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Welcome to the mindfulness moment from Creative Recovery at River Church, and like with Colorado, in this moment, rest your mind, body, and heart. Allow yourself to be fully present. If you are distracted, gently bring yourself back to my voice and allow this time to be your healing space. I am Angie, and I'm grateful that you are joining me and allowing me to guide you in this meditation. I'm reading from our meditation workbook for October nineteenth, our meeting day, our monthly word, his inspiration. Our weekly theme is self awareness. An overview from Genesis thirty two to thirty one, written by Nicole Oliver Snyder, who writes our meditations. In the middle of the night, Jacob ran away with his wives and kids from an oppressive situation. Once across the river and his family settled, a mysterious man wrestled with Jacob...

...all night. Jacob would not let go and tell the man blessed him, So the man gave Jacob a new name, Israel, because he struggled yet overcame, was afraid, yet knew what he needed in order to be himself more fully. What is inspiration and self awareness to you? As we go about the Meditations. I want you to hold this overview in these scriptures in mind. I am sharing with you for the Meditations or October Genesis twenty four. The same night he got up and took his two wives, his two maids, and his eleven children and crossed the ford of the Jibbac. He took them and sent them across the stream, and likewise everything that he had. Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak. Nicole writes decades of doing what you're told, years of promised rewards, only... be revised when just within reach, helplessness and inadequacy. Settle in who told you that you aren't enough? What convinced you to decide they were right? Take a moment and put your feet firmly on the floor. Feel the solid surface beneath you. If you're comfortable, put your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your belly, and take a deep breath in, feeling your hand rise over your belly. When you are ready, exhale slow and control, allow yourself to soften, your shoulders to drop, and again, take a deep breath in when you were ready, and exhale slow...

...and controlled. Your invitation to self awareness center with this, too, many voices cyclone around my head. One who soothes storms. My anchor is within My strength already exists. I can keep on. I am my own expert. Breathe then, I am strong. Breathe out, I'm my own expert. Again, take a deep breath, and I am strong. Breathe out, I'm my own expert. Reflection questions What voices cyclone around your head right now? What are they saying? If you have time, journal or talk with a friend, share this discussion with someone. Next question, is there something or some one that keeps holding you down or back? What permissions are... waiting for? As you go about your day today, consider this Finish the sentence, I will consult with my inner expert today about how can you do that? How does meditation soaking into God's word, God's presence, discerning what is from God what is from others? How can these guide you? Notice your feet firmly planet on the floor again, Wiggle your toes gently again, Put one hand on your chest. Feel the warmth as it spreads through your fingertips. Now, put your left hand on your belly. Take a deep breath in letting your belly fill with air when you are ready. Slowly...

...exhale and again find your comfortable breathing pace, allowing your body to soften. Being in this moment, what are you wrestling with? M Who can you lean on and what stops you from trusting yourself? It is okay to trust yourself. Breathe and I am strong, Breathe out. I'm my own expert. Think about these words today, where they land? What do you notice in your body as you hear these words? Is their resistance? Do you feel open to them? Be curious about your own response, your own reaction.

This is how we learn about ourselves, being willing to pay attention to our own reaction. Thank you so much for joining me today, and you have a beautiful day. M M M M B B B M M M...

M M M M M M B b B M.

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