Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan
Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan

Episode 87 · 5 months ago

Help for Anxiety and Panic


During our month of rest, feel encouraged by these tools to support your well-being. This is a guide to some box-breathing to interrupt anxiety or panic attacks and offers therapeutic tips to help you if you struggle with anxiety or panic. Watch for more of these types of podcasts at

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Hi, this is Angie from creative recovery in Lakewood, Colorado. I'd like to share with you today some tips on battling anxiety and panic. First, I'm gonna walk you through what's called box breathing. This is very effective when you're having anxiety or having difficulty even catching your breath. It might sound a little bit unusual, but if you will try this out with me, I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised when you're struggling to catch your breath this tool - it's called box breathing, square breathing or window breathing. I've heard it called many different things. So I'm gonna explain it to you and then I'm gonna walk you through it. I used to work the crisis line and I cannot tell you how many people were surprised at how effective this method was. So first you're going to take a deep breath in for...

...a count of 4, and then you're going to hold your breath for a count of 3 and then you're going to exhale and slow and controlled for a count of 4 and then you're going to hold again for a count of 3. So let's try that. Take a deep breath. in ... 2-3-4 ... HOLD 2- 3... OUT, 2-3-4... HOLD-2-3. IN-2-3-4... Hold-2-3. OUT-2-3-4... hold-2-3. Deep...

...breath into your belly and then hold . . .and exhale. . . slow and controlled, and then hold. Take a deep breath in. . . Hold . . . and Exhale, slow and controlled and hold. It may take time to get your own rhythm and as you do this for several rounds you will notice that you are able to actually get your breath. Now, if you're not able to actually do that exercise, you may need to start with something that interrupts your physiological or your body...

...automatic responses. I call this strong sensations. By using ice, something that has a strong flavor, cinnamon, gum, cinnamon candies. I've had people use a sourpatch candies. The idea is that by using a strong flavor, it can be tangy, sweet, tart, any of that. It actually interrupts your body and it gets your brains attention so that as your body is doing its panic and anxiety attack, it is something that takes over because it's a physiological automatic response. We'll talk more about understanding those triggers, understanding how to pay attention to what might lead up to those anxiety or panic moments. But if you can't do the breathing starting with the strong sensation so that... get your body's and your mind's attention. That's an important piece. You can also use a bare foot on a cold surface like linoleum or cold cement or even grass. I've recommended for clients to keep lemons cut up in their fridge because the tangy, the flavor, the smell that CITRUS can be very, very grounding. You can use things like hand lotion with a citrus smell. It takes a little bit of experimenting to notice what gets your attention Altoids have been really good in some moments when you're in a public area and you need something to help you manage your own anxiety. And the more you interrupt your body's automatic reaction and you feel confident that -- "Oh, I've got this tool that's working," then you will start to build more confidence and you'll start to... those new pathways that actually kind of route around the anxiety. So hopefully this will help. Let's wrap up with another breathing exercise. We'll try the box breathing again. Now that you've tried it once. I'm going to add the 4 counts for the hold, and I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it can be very effective. And again, do what you can if you cannot do it in the counts that I'm doing and just kind of practice it on your own with a rhythm that works for you. The idea is when you take that deep breath in that you're pulling air into your belly. You may not always be able to do that in the beginning of a panic attack. So this gives you a rhythm to count hold, breathe in, out, hold. So go ahead and put your right hand on your belly. Hopefully,... this time we're feeling a little bit better and able to follow even more instructions and practice this box breathing and then feel more relief. So take a deep breath in . . let your belly rise and hold, and then exhale slow and controlled. And hold. Take a deep breath in . . . and hold. exhale slow and controlled and hold. Deep Breath in . . .hold . . . exhale...

...slow &;;;;; controlled and hold. Thank you so much for trying this with me today. The more you practice, the better you will get at it and you will also see the benefits from learning how to count and breathe in this particular method. Have a beautiful day. M M M M hm M M M M M M M M B B...

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