Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan
Daily CR365 Mindfulness/Body Scan

Episode 86 · 1 month ago

Accept, Invite, Release


August is Creative Recovery's month of rest. We will be sharing calming tools throughout the month, but not on a daily baiss. Remember that AIR stands for Accept, Invite & Release. Thank you to a lovely lady for noticing the "AIR" acronym in earlier podcasts. Join us in finding inner peace to last the whole day. No meditation workpages this month, but you can learn more about our Creative Recovery program at

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Welcome to the mindfulness moment from our creative recovery program at River Church and Lake with Colorado. I encourage you to join us as we take the month of August off and we are resting. You will notice that I'm not having my usual meditations this month and instead I want to provide you some actual tools to help you when you're feeling anxious. I will also be posting one specific for if you're having a panic attack, just so you have some opportunities to feel supported, encouraged and to invite peace into your life, to release stress and accept the things you cannot change and know that you have a choice. Now take this moment . . . Take a deep breath in...

...and when you are ready, exhale slow and controlled. Again, take a deep breath in, filling your belly rise with air. When you are ready, exhale slow and controlled. Feel the floor beneath you, wiggle your toes, notice the seat beneath you as your mind drifts and wanders . . . bring it back to this moment. Do not worry about the things to do the rest of the day. If you can take these three, four minutes just to center, invite calm, release expectations and demands. And just accept that you do not have... solve everything for everyone and that it is okay to let go of demands in this moment. And by taking this moment. . . you will be restored, refreshed and ready to get through the rest of your day. And as you start to feel stressed again, you can revisit . . . practice these tools. Slow down, take a deep breath in, when you are ready. exhale slow and controlled. If your thoughts wander, gently bring them back right here in this moment. What do you notice? Are there sounds? Is there...

...a ticking clock? Do you notice sounds outside of your home? Are there barking dogs . . . cars driving by? What do you notice? What's the temperature around you? Are you comfortable . . . uncomfortable? Just pay attention in this moment. Feel who you are, how you are, and know that you are encouraged and supported. Allow your breath to soften. Slowly, breath in when you are...

.... . . exhale slow and controlled. Allow your shoulders to soften. Invite inner peace, calm. Take a moment and think of three things that you are grateful for and just say them out loud. As we wrap up today, I want you to envision this acronym AIR - ACCEPT - INVITE - RELEASE. Accept peace and calm, invite strength and...

...comfort. And release stress and negativity. Thank you so much for joining me today and maybe you have a beautiful day. ...

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